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AGRANA attends in-cosmetics Global 2019 in Paris

Presentation of an innovative styling foam conditioner with starch instead of microplastics

Date: 01.04.2019

AGRANA is this year again presenting its diverse range of starch products for the cosmetics industry at the sector’s leading international trade fair, in-cosmetics Global, in Paris (2 - 4 April 2019; Stand C32).

With special characteristics such as oil absorbency and improved feel to the skin, the possible applications of AGRANA starches for the cosmetics industry extend from their use in emulsions and creams, powders, dry and liquid shampoos to deodorants and decorative cosmetics. AGRANA’s starches replace synthetic ingredients by means of an organically degradable and sustainable alternative in many of these cosmetic applications. Premium corn starches produced in Austria, in particular, are becoming increasingly important as alternatives to Talcum powder. The product highlight presented by AGRANA at in-cosmetics Global this year is an innovative styling foam conditioner containing starch which completely replaces synthetic polymers and microplastics.

Multi-talent Starch
Besides being used in cosmetics, starches are also widely used in other non-food sectors such as the paper industry, in the paper processing industry (e.g. corrugated cardboard), in the textile industry (finishes and adhesives for fabrics), in the construction chemicals industry (pigment pastes and building materials) and in pharmaceutical products (tablets). Moreover, starches are also used in all areas of the food industry, for example in the baking and confectionery sectors, in dairy products and in the production of sausage products, as well as in so-called long-life potato products.

Specialities strategy
AGRANA produces starches from sustainable materials such as corn, wheat and potatoes. With its three production sites in Austria, in addition to one in both Hungary and Romania, AGRANA’s Starch segment, in addition to acting as a commodity trader, has also positioned itself as a specialist for bespoke starch applications in downstream industries. Besides the production of starches for cosmetics, AGRANA also develops thermoplastic starches for the production of bioplastics. Another focus area is so-called clean-label starches, which are not chemically modified. The company plays a leading role in the supply of organic and GMO-free starches to the food industry.

AGRANA adds value to agricultural commodities to produce top quality foodstuffs and numerous industrial upstream products. Around 9,400 personnel working at 58 production facilities worldwide generate consolidated annual revenues of around € 2.6 billion. The Group was founded in 1988, is the global leader in fruit preparations and also a major producer of fruit juice concentrates in Europe as well as being a key manufacturer of customised starch products and organic ethanol in its Starch segment. AGRANA is also one of today’s leading sugar companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

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