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New Corporate Identity: YBBSTALER AGRANA JUICE

Following the successful merger of AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH in June of this year, the company founded as a result, YBBSTALER AGRANA JUICE GmbH, will shortly be unveiling its new corporate identity.

New EU biofuel standards already incorporated into AGRANA's bioethanol concept

Following the proposed amendment to the "Renewable Energy Directive" announced today by the European Commission, AGRANA is calling for the rapid creation of a clear and stable framework for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.

AGRANA’s first half of 2012|13: Good performance in a volatile environment

In the first half of 2012|13, AGRANA significantly grew both revenue (by 24.8% to € 1,603.1 million) and pre-exceptionals operating profit (by 20.6% to € 142.5 million). The good earnings trend was driven by the Sugar and Starch segments.

Johannes Kleppers to become new CEO of AGRANA Fruit Division

On 1st October 2012 Johannes Kleppers will be taking over as the new CEO of AGRANA Fruit SAS.

E10 postponement has no direct economic impact on AGRANA

Given yesterday’s announcement by Nikolaus Berlakovich, Minister for the Environment, that E10 will not be introduced in Austria for the time being, AGRANA would like to reiterate the fact that this step will not have any direct impact on the company’s current economic…

The Chefs of the Decade 2004 to 2013 are KARL and RUDOLF OBAUER

Karl and Rudolf Obauer define the values of tradition, continuity and reliability for high-class cuisine in their own way.

AGRANA launches 2012 fall campaigns: Investment allows significant energy savings

AGRANA kicked off the processing season for sugar beet (sugar beet campaign) today at its sugar factory in Tulln, Lower Austria. Sugar beet processing will begin at the plant in Leopoldsdorf, Lower Austria, in the coming weeks, as well as at our Eastern European sites in…

AGRANA: Bioethanol “made in Austria” is sustainable

As part of the discussion surrounding the introduction of E10 in the autumn this year, AGRANA would once again like to emphasise the sustainability of bioethanol produced locally.

Introduction of E10 in Austria commercially and ecologically practical

During the course of the discussions this autumn on the introduction of E10, AGRANA is again highlighting the commercial and ecological advantages of a 10 % admixture of bioethanol.

AGRANA results for first quarter of 2012|13 (ended 31 May 2012) – Sound business performance is sustained in first three months

In the first quarter of the new financial year, AGRANA continued the prior year’s upward trend. Group revenue grew by 26.4% from the prior year’s first quarter, to € 774.6 million.